Pastoral Team

The purpose of the St. John Fisher Pastoral Team is to use our professional expertise and pastoral experience to create and oversee the annual goal-setting process based on the St. John Fisher Vision, Values and Mission so that our parish programs, staff, staff training and budget will be effectively coordinated and integrated. The current members are: Sue Buratto, Msgr. Michael LeFevre, Drew Peters, Lori Rafferty, and Kathy Susalla Rochon.


Pastoral Council

The purpose of the Parish Leadership Council is to listen to the Spirit always present and active in all the members of the community. To ensure that we remain faithful to our Mission and Values, to be the promoters of our Vision, and to achieve this purpose, we will pray together, listen to one another, and challenge one another. Most of all, we will remember that our service as leaders is a leadership of discernment.

Members: Brian Clark, Frey and Jennifer Detiva, John Cloutier, Geoff Ellis, Elizabeth Kelly, Msgr. Michael LeFevre, Karen MacEachern, Gilberto and Marianna Ortiz, and Hedley Williams

To contact by email, click the Parish Council Email link.

Parish Council Guidelines 2018



Support / Promotion / Understanding / Relationship / Relevancy

In promoting the Beatitudes as the lens of parish life, this committee functions as a catalyst to encourage this way of everyday living in our families, communities and the world.

Please contact the front office if you are interested in joining.


Finance Council

Provides an oversight and advisory function for the parish by reviewing the financial activities of the parish, focusing on ensuring that our commitment of treasure is being used wisely and effectively.

Primary Activities include:

  • Develop and distribute a financial report to the community.
  • Promote our on-going “Electronic Offertory” program.
  • Work with parish leadership to define and prioritize future needs, and manage our development campaign in support of these objectives.
  • Assist the Building Committee with fundraising, which ties our Master Plan priorities to our Growing in Spirit and Commitment Campaign.
  • Continuously improve the collection counting process and rotate team membership periodically.

If you are interested: contact Tom Czarnecki at 248-373-5333.


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