Ellacuria Lenten Project 2020

Year End Letter

Ellacuria Report

Please Help to Support Salvadoran Students and Provide Clean Water

For the last 35+ years, we’ve provided support to the people living in and around the village of Ellacuria in El Salvador. Our parish community was deeply involved with helping Salvadorans who fled to Honduras during the civil war violence in the 1980’s to resettle back into the area.  For the last ten years that support has been in the form of educational scholarships.  Building on that success we’ve continued to support students as they’ve moved into training and university programs.  We look forward to our continued relationship with CIS – El Salvador and those who work tirelessly to bring bright, healthy futures to their young people through our upcoming 2020 Ellacuria Lenten Project. Currently there are 17 university students counting on our support so they can continue their educations. Can we count on you to help support them during Lent 2020? Additionally, we will join with dozens of families in the area to enjoy clean water via the water filters provided to them through our donations.  The overall health of families is vital in their quest for sustainable lives.

     Visit our SJF website or E-bulletin to read the reports from Leslie Schuld, our in-country contact and director of Los Olivos—CIS in El Salvador, on how our monies were utilized along with the year-end report describing all their work. The Archdiocese asks we please make our checks payable directly to Los Olivos CIS to avoid the 7% tax to the AoD.  SJF will send the collected checks to CIS.

     Thank you for your generosity!  Truly, the blessings of our lives help them reveal more blessings in theirs. By using this Lenten Box to help them accomplish their life ambitions we are walking in solidarity with our Salvadoran brothers and sisters and helping them build successful futures in their homeland.   We thank you!

– Outreach Ministry 

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